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Plain erect X ray of the abdomen revealed gas underdiaphragm at the 5th postpartum days, no abdominal ultrasound was done.Inguinal incision was taken which was later converted into lower paramedian incision.An erect X- Ray of the abdomen showed multiple air-fluid levels (Figure 1).SUMMARY Managing intestinal obstruction continuous to challenge surgeons allover the World.The PA erect abdominal radiograph is often obtained in conjunction with the AP supine abdominal view in the acute abdominal series of radiographs.

Left, in the supine AP (anteriorposterior) position the x-ray tube is 40 inches from the patient.Between January 200 I to December, 2004, 54 patients with maw to female.

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It is sometimes abbreviated to AXR, or KUB (for kidneys, ureters, and urinary bladder.

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Azygos lymph node enlargement is usually an indication of advanced bronchogenic carcinoma, although it may occur in benign pulmonary disease.

Often it is found in conjunction with enlargement of hilar and other mediastinal lymph nodes.Finally, emptying of the rectum can be tested in the laboratory or with special x-rays.Suppose your patient is too sick to get an erect x-ray done ( might be incubated), and instead you get a supine film done, then these are the signs you should look out for.Pathology of Intestinal Obstruction Major Causes of Intestinal Obstruction Mechanical Obstruction Hernias (internal, external) Intestinal adhesions Intussusception.Managing Small Intestinal Obstruction: A Sheikh Zayed Hospital Experience M.I. Qureshi, M.

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Study of Blunt Abdominal Trauma-200 Cases Authors Dr.Jitendra.T.Sankpal1, Dr.Vivek.P.Tilwani2,. (72% )presented with rigidity.The child received supportive care, oxygen by hood, intravenous fluids and antibiotics.Background and study aims X-ray images are a primary tool in investigating diseases of the hip joint.

An abdominal x-ray may show evidence of bowel obstruction or suggest another cause.After the jump, a list of famous ones.

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It is often used for urgent investigation - for example, of acute abdominal pain.Compare Kidney Disease And Erectile Dysfunction Origin Of Penis with Who Has The Best Penis and X Ray Penis In Vagina X Ray Penis In Vagina that Normal Penis Size Erect then My Penis Is Bleeding between X Ray Penis In Vagina Penis Size Women Want then Mars Rover Penis between Big Penis Old Man Infomation.Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.Study of course of pneumoperitoneum produced in post operative patients by serial erect x-ray of abdomen.

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Although the erect chest X-ray is a much more sensitive investigation for pneumoperitoneum, there are several signs that may be useful in detecting free gas on an abdominal X-ray.

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Abdominal pain is a frequent reason for consultation especially in young adults and elderly subjects.

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ROUTINE POSITIONS: AP (K.U.B., Flatplate) AP Abdomen (K.U.B.) 1. 14 X 17 film 2. - Radiographic Positioning of the Abdomen

Comparison between two methods for estimating pneumothorax

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This is a PA film on the left compared with a AP supine film on the right.

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Spontaneous scar dehiscence of a previous repaired urinary bladder rupture is described in a 5 yr old girl approximately 4 yrs after the original repair, she presented at the hospital with the chief complain of pain and distension of the abdomen.Erect x-ray showed few air-fluid levels in the RIF and epigastrium and a radioopaque structure was noted in the pelvis.THE PULMONARY UGAMENT AND SUBPULMONIC EFFUSION 505. FIGURE 3. Lateral view of patient in Figure 2.Preparation therefore is to withhold food and fluids for 8 to 9 hours before the examination, typically after midnight, as fasting examinations are usually performed first thing in the morning.Atlaparotomy on the same day, there was copious peritoneal fluid and the small bowel was matted together with fibrin.

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